Thursday, October 08, 2009

Time To Play A Game

It's midnight now
Time to play a game
Two souls intertwined
In a virtual realm
Notes are played
From an ancient rhythm
Souls engraved
In the darkest chasm
Darkness stained
By a sheet of white
On a female that glows
Like a wave of light
As she takes off her gown
She lets out a moan.
She looks at her prey
That she's about to kill
Emotionally and mentally
Not physically but slowly
Her prey is not afraid
It's about to get laid
The clock ticks on
As the game goes on
His sense is like a rod
More erect than any building
He winces as it throbs
Because she's already moving
She circles round and round
And gets faster every second
And the moaning gets so loud
Till the music has no sound.
The female moves faster
While her prey moans louder
Until that very moment
When no sound is heard.
A slow moving current
Sweeps through their head
It makes it's way through
their body and soul
They stay still until
The feeling is gone
Then it's midnight again
The clock stopped running
It's time to play a game
Until the break of morning.

A Burning Heart

I threw a special key away.
The key to my heart.
But as they say,
Miracles do happen
Because the key found its way
Into your arms.
You saw the door and hesitated.
A week or two, then you decided
To open it up.
You saw dirt, cobwebs
And soot darker than sin itself.
But you took your time
To clean it up and furnish it
To a home you saw
Only in your dreams.
You put yourself
Under house arrest
For three whole months
And left.
You were the light that kept out the darkness
That drove away the demons.
Now they are back seven-fold.
They've destroyed all the furniture
They've burnt down the house.
Now I have a heart of rage
Worse than a heart of stone.
I tried to save your picture
But I couldn't.
The flames got there before me.
Now here you lie
Dead before me.
Like the others who left like you.
But you were different
I tried to save you.
I did....but I couldn't...
Couldn't save you from the flames.

My Last Words

Mummy, Daddy,
Cursed be the day you conceived me.
Into a world I can't see anymore.
Into a world I can't hear any longer.
Into a world I can't speak to.
All I can do is feel.
Feel the emptiness,
The perpetual search for purpose.
Feel the hand that opens up
The tap of inborn evil
And leaves it running.
My tears are hardened.
They refuse to fall.
My passion is
Scorched beyond repair
By a fire
Produced by the people of this world.
No one wants that fire
But still they leave it to burn.
They fan it generously
With betrayal, hate, lust, murder, covetousness
To name just a few.
Blinded by a most alluring darkness
Which they force themselves to see as light.
They sit on thrones in the light,
But are lower than rubble in the dark.
They dismiss the pain in the light,
But are being flayed alive in the dark.
When shall your eyes be open?
When will you see beyond the lies?

These are the words of a dying old man
Which may never get to the ears of the living,
But if faith finds you worthy
To hear these words of mine
Ponder them well.
Because like they say,
A word is enough for the wise.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm Pregnant

But the baby's not mine.

She'll belong to her father
Just as I belonged to him.

My mother died in childbirth
And that's the way I'll die too

My mother was my sister
Just like you will be too.

In 13yrs,
You'll breed to bring a life,
Into the world.

Pray to God that it's a boy,
Not just for yourself
But for your new sister's life.

Father is getting old,
But not old enough to die.

He can try a couple more times
Before he leaves the world.

Pray, Oh! Pray my child
That it'll be a boy.

So you'll have more years,
Than the 13 I had.

Moment Of Beauty

Dear Sally,

I am ugly and I know it
I am stared at with eyes that say
'Was he born of a woman,
Or some unearthly creature?'

But she looked at me.

Dear Sally,

I am ugly and I know it
I am stared at by people who say
'How does he carry that face?
'How does he...?'

But still she looked at me

Dear Sally,

I am stupid and I know it
Stupid enough to fill myself with mirrors
To bask in the beauty of my ugliness

Just because she looked at me

Dear Sally,

I am stupid and I know it
Stupid enough to think she loved me
No one loves me, She will never love me

But I love her,
I love you.

All because she looked at me
You looked at me.

For a second it lasted.
Just for a second,
But I saw it.

A transit from disgust to awe
Awe of my beauty.

Dear Sally,

Before I go to sleep,
I want you to know one last thing.

Despite all negativities in life,
Everyone has a moment of beauty,
Even me.

But I saved your moment of beauty, Sally.
I made it last forever.

And soon I will be with you,
And my moment of beauty
Will last forever with you.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Awake. Sleeping Beauty

Her eyes closed in quiet death
Her lips red from winter's birth
Her skin glowing from an inner light
That's fading away each passing night

Awake, Sleeping Beauty
Her lip's taste was fruity
Alas, fairy tales don't last forever
Even though we know there never was an ever

Awake, Sleeping Beauty
I said once again
But it was not my duty
To save the day, the dame

her face a picture of quiet death
I stayed and left her at winter's birth
On my way I saw her savior's light
But why was saving the day my plight?


Seizing the night was not a woman's
But another man's fight.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Valley Of Vision

Fantasy...not really

Where is your valley?
Because mine is right in front of me

How deep is our valley?
Because mine is deeper than the eyes can see

How far is your valley?
Because mine is as far as I make it to be

When are you going to jump
Into this bottomless valley?

"It's too risky!"
"I'll break something!"

That's all I hear from you.

I will take this leap of faith
Into this abyss of probability
And leave my fate
In the arms of uncertainty.

When will I land?
That I do not know.

But when...and if I do
I will be at the center of the world
Where everything will be within my reach
Brought to me by a river of milk and honey

Only in my valley of vision.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Mountain Of Promise

On the mountain of promise
I built an altar

For days I prayed
I never faltered

Even when I felt you
Crumbling apart beneath my feet

I couldn't depart

Didn't know I was aiding the erosion
Scrubbing too hard,
Erasing emotions

Wishing that i hadn't prayed so hard
Laying down my emotions
For it to be scarred

Disappointed and hurt
i wish I could be

But a worse fate
Poured its blessings on me

Emotions and love
Became a distant memory

But I was determined
Not to make it a part of history

Though there's nothing
Left of this mountain

My faith holds strong
Hope feeding from its fountain

Because on this mountain
I built an altar
And for years i'll pray
and never falter.

Like A Golden Sun

To have your heart
Torn apart
By a man
Who once gave you joy

If death comes by
You laugh and cry
With joy not sorrow
To die, no tomorrow

You wait and pray
For life to end
But day by day
Your wound shall mend

You may know
You may not know
A day shall come
When love returns

Very soon
On a blue moon
Real love dawns
Like a golden sun.


Sometimes I think
Love's not fair.
Always at the brink
Of so many tears.

Love is like a pound
That can be lost and found
Never again to lose
But to maintain

Love is like a star
But leaves so many scars
When made to turn away
Never again to look that way

Love can be revived
And made to survive
When you regain
That will to start again.